Minimize your energy consumption costs!
Minimize your energy consumption costs!
Find out how we do it from an Ecopan specialist
Дом за 3 месяца
A house in 3 months is real
A house in 3 months is real
We will build a house for your important event in life
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Choose your home among our ready-made projects
Choose your home among our ready-made projects
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  1. The construction of a house always starts with a “price tag”. We carefully record all stages of work and materials, estimate the cost of each item to plan the budget as accurately as possible. Then we proceed to the design, and after receiving the drawings, we prepare the final estimates, which in the process of implementation may change only if you wish to.



Building a house is constant stress, fear of wasting years of accumulated money, nervous breakdowns, headaches, gray hair, divorce from your wife, and the desire to never deal with construction again at all: these are the associations we often hear from our potential clients. We know about all of this, and we go through it with every client, but with us, you, your hair and your wife will stay in the condition with which you arrived. After all, we build so that our clients are not only satisfied with each stage of construction and its result but also recommend us after completion. With us, you won’t want to forget the name of the company that built your home and the entire process as a bad dream and that is our little superpower that we are very proud of and are happy to share with you.

Because we are:

We don’t offer square meters and mountains of unnecessary settlement lists: at the beginning of our cooperation we get to know you, get to know your interests, family composition, how your family spends time, how many neighbors you have, and how often you, for example, cook at home;

Then we study the size and features of the site for your future home and offer a project (new or from a database of standard projects) that best meets both your interests and the specifics of the pastime of all members of your family, and the size of the site and its potential opportunities in terms of stories, planning decisions, and functional expediency. After all, we do not strive to build as many square meters as possible – we want to design the perfect space and maximum equipment for the money you are willing to spend on your dream home;

When you and I together came to a common understanding of which project suits your family best, our company offers you to implement it in three interrelated stages of home completion: the erection of the outer shell (the foundation with the outer box and finishing), conducting utilities (heating, electricity, etc.,) and interior decoration (without furnishing).  We offer you the most harmonious way to avoid various potential construction inaccuracies connected with the work of different teams on the same site, we optimize the overall process and select the materials for the exterior and interior at once, to match your budget as much as possible;

Thus, when designing, we reduce the time for guessing individual details for both you and us, because we can put into the project exactly those things that should meet your expectations as much as possible both in terms of budget and design;

Even if the project proposed by us after acquaintance and analysis of your interests suits you in the form in which it is proposed on paper, we still adapt it to the size and features of your site and conduct geology of the soil to adapt to the foundations;

And only then, according to prices and estimates, which we agree with you, we sign a contract and sell your house;

And in 4 months after all the details are agreed and the contract is signed, you can invite your friends to the housewarming party, because the implementation of the three stages of the ECOPAN technology house, taking into account any wishes you made during construction, takes exactly that amount of time. No gray hair, no long receipts for sedatives, and no worries that building your home was the driving force behind your quarrels with your family or your divorce with your wife. We’ll make sure you remember

the construction of your home as one of life’s best moments while maintaining the integrity of your nervous system.

Today the Canadian technology of building houses from sip-panels can no longer be called new. More than half a century ago its advantages were appreciated by inhabitants of Europe, America, and Canada. Since the beginning of 2000 the Canadian method of construction of houses began to be used in Ukraine, and today we can say with confidence that every year the popularity and demand for such structures is increasing.

The reason for the popularity lies in the simplicity, the speed of construction, and high-performance buildings. This technology is developing dynamically and is a worthy competitor to the traditional buildings made of brick and aerocrete.

At the heart of Canadian technology is the principle of frame and panel construction of veneer panels. Almost all units and parts are manufactured in the production shops using special equipment.

Advantages of houses made of sip-panels

  • Excellent thermal insulation parameters.
  • High durability
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Long service life
  • Fast speed of erection
  • Saving of construction and maintenance costs

The company “Ecopan” is a legislator of standards of sip-panel construction in Ukraine and Europe. For more than 11 years we are engaged in the construction of townhouses, cottages, campsites, stores, warehouses, industrial and commercial facilities. In our work, we use only materials that meet high European standards of quality and environmental parameters.

An indicator of our fruitful work is our own architectural studio, production plants, a team of highly qualified professionals and installers. We offer our customers to consider a variety of projects of houses and buildings: from typical to individual, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer.

The computer programs are used to allow you to embody the most creative ideas, creating houses of different configurations and bold designs.

Technology “Ecopan” is recognized as one of the best not only in Ukraine but also in other countries. The price-quality ratio is a priority for the employees of the company.

Excellent heat insulation of buildings is provided by sandwich panels, which are manufactured in our production workshops. 

Advantages of cooperation with the “Ecopan” company

  • Huge experience – more than 700 realized objects
  • Up to 2500 square meters of erected structures per month
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Favorable price-quality ratio
  • Full support: from project creation to commissioning
  • High qualification of all employees

We are open to cooperation and every potential owner of his dream house can see the stages of implementation of all processes. Everything starts with the analysis of customer needs, with the exact calculation of budget documentation and the choice of high-quality material.

At any stage we provide a report on the work done, we react adequately to all comments, we always agree on the budget to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Our consultants are always ready to answer all your questions and you may address them to them without leaving your home.

With “ECOPAN” you can be sure that taking into account your wishes, we will make a thorough analysis of your idea, site and find the best possible solution which will help you to invest in the construction of a house from sip-panels without risk.