Before you build a house, you need to decide on the main material to be used for its construction.

Very often there is a choice, but what is better: brick or SIP panels?

The advantages of building houses with bricks:



-protection from fire


However, if a fire still occurred, the brickwork is not as strong as it seems and loses up to 60-70% of the strength. The result, as a rule, is the demolition of the house.


Disadvantages of building houses out of bricks:


-expensive: high-quality brick is an expensive material. If you save on it, there is a risk of finding white stains on the walls, called heights;

-long: the construction of a brick house requires a fairly long time. It takes years to carry out construction work, and then shrinkage

-technological challenges

-shrinkage: the foundation of a brick house should be heavy and deep enough to withstand thick walls. Such a foundation costs quite a bit;

-wall thickness: a brick house should have thick walls, and this also requires additional costs;

-interior finish: brick walls are not perfectly flat. It is necessary to pre-finish them with plaster, which should be applied on both sides;

-heating: a brick house requires a competent organization of the heating system, but at the same time it requires considerable energy costs (and therefore monetary expenditures) for the heating itself;

-labor input and special equipment: The brick house requires special lifting equipment as well as skilled labor with the appropriate knowledge and experience

-lifetime: bricks are a short-lived material. On average, the service life of this material is about 75 years, which is not much for a residential house. And in the process of building a house made of brick, no mistakes should be made. Only in this case, the brick will last the maximum period.


The above disadvantages of brick turn into advantages for SIP panels.


The advantages of building houses from SIP panels:


-high speed of construction: it takes only a few months to assemble a frame-panel house;

-foundation: there is no need for an expensive foundation. You can install a screw foundation, which can be implemented in just one day;

-heating: additional heating is not required. It is comfortable in a house made of SIP panels at any time of year. It warms up quickly enough, and during the summer keeps cool;

-no shrinkage, which allows you to immediately start finishing work.

-cost: due to lower labor and time costs, the price of Canadian houses compares favorably with other proposals of the market.


Disadvantages of building houses of SIP panels:

Perhaps you can identify only one disadvantage of houses from SIP panels, which for many is not a problem. This is the need to organize the ventilation system, which should be provided during the construction phase. The fact is that the use of insulation materials during the heating period should exclude the so-called thermos effect. Ventilation will cope with the removal of steam and poor-quality air outside the premises without loss of heat.


Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of brick and frame houses, the difference between them becomes obvious. It is worth recognizing that the future belongs to construction by Canadian technology – thoughtful, reliable, high quality.

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