Building a house always starts with “estimating”. We carefully prescribe all the stages of work and materials, put the cost in front of each item, so you do not forget something, and plan your budget as accurately as possible. Estimated their “strengths” and capabilities begin to design, and after receiving the drawings recalculate for sure. Contractors form estimates on the projects for repairs and engineering systems. And for even greater confidence in the correctness of their planning, we go to showrooms, supermarkets, and various websites in search of necessary materials and when, as it seems to us, we all took into account and calculated, with a calm mind we decide to proceed with the project.


But …., please remember if your foreman or designer mentioned the cost of operating the house? It is a very important section of your budget. The construction costs will be a thing of the past, and you will have to deal with the operating budget of your home every month. Therefore, I highly recommend asking your contractors:


How much will it cost to heat your home?

What are my home project technology choices to optimize heating costs?

How will the chosen design and wall material keep my home cozy cool on a sweltering summer day and how much will it cost to air-condition the rooms?

How often will the home and utilities need to be repaired?

How much will it cost to heat water and using what energy resources (winter, summer, and off-season)?

How difficult is it to maintain the created landscape? Can you do it yourself or do you need a gardener?

How often and how much will it cost to maintain your well and sewer system?

These and other questions can help you form your home maintenance budget. Believe me, the earlier you ask these questions, the more chances you have of minimizing that budget and saving your money.

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