“What if there’s a fire?” – see our video answer on fire resistance tests of panels ECOPAN in conditions as close to reality as possible.


Fire resistance is the ability of building structures to maintain their function under the influence of high fire temperatures. The fire resistance of building constructions is characterized by the fire resistance index (REI), which is expressed in the number of minutes from the beginning of the test until one or more signs of the limit states (standardized for the structure) appear:


Loss of load-bearing capacity (R) of the building structure in case of fire corresponds to its collapse or appearance of limit deflection or rate of increase of limit deformations.

Loss of integrity (E) is manifested by holes or cracks in the structure, through which products of combustion and/or open flame can penetrate to the rear (unheated) surface.

The loss of thermal insulating capacity is characterized by an increase in the temperature on the unheated surface of the structure up to the limit values (I) or by reaching the limit value of the heat flux density at the standardized distance from the unheated surface of the structure (W).


Tests were conducted in conditions of a simulated fire. A wall made of ECOPAN Laminated Plywood with plasterboard interior finish was exposed to an open flame with combustion temperature higher than 900 ° C for one hour (60 min). The test was successful. As a result of the test, REI 60 was achieved. There was no loss of load-bearing capacity, integrity, and thermal insulating capacity.


The fire-resistance limit of building structures was determined by testing according to DSTU B B.1.1-4, the standard test methods for fire resistance of building structures. Tests were carried out by independent specialists of the laboratory of building materials and structures “TEST”.

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