According to the information portal of the real estate market LUN, the average cost per square meter in new buildings in Kyiv in 2018 amounted to $ 810. According to experts, this segment of the market will show an increase in 2019 by about 20% and will amount to $ 972.


Among the main reasons for the price growth, the experts call the reduction of the number of possible sites for construction in Kyiv. Developers have to consider either more expensive land plots or those that require more resources. Rise of expenses for receiving construction permits. Introduction of new town-planning regulations such as site development percentage regulation and new concepts for parking provision. Thus, there are more than enough reasons for the rise in prices for a primary residence, and we can expect the average market price of 1 sq. m. of an apartment without repair in Kyiv will be about $ 1000. Add to this amount the average market value of repairs to the cost of building materials at $ 500 and get 1500 dollars. For a comfortable life of a family of 3-4 people need an apartment not less than 65-70 sq.m. The budget of such acquisition of 97 500 – 105 000 $ and that does not include the cost of furniture.


And now let’s see what the family can afford in the segment of cottage construction. So, according to the same news portal, LUN’s average market price of one hundred square meters of land for the construction of a house within 30 km from Kyiv is 2500 $. For a small house of about 100 square meters is quite enough 6 acres. The budget for buying such a land plot is $15 000.


For example, ECOPAN is implementing a joint project with the “Novaya Berezovka” cottage community, which is located 20 km from Kyiv and offers a well-developed infrastructure of the community, in particular, stores, restaurants, SPA-salon, security, own utilities. All this will allow you to enjoy the urban amenities away from the bustle.


The average cost of an individual project architectural bureau #ECOPAN is about $ 1000, while you can use, our standard projects that we will select and offer you, taking into account all the features and wishes of your family. This will reduce the total budget for the construction of the house.


Let’s proceed directly to the construction. ECOPAN offers quality, aesthetic, and at the same time economic solutions at a competitive price. As the largest manufacturer of SIP panels in Ukraine, we are well versed in the construction of these structures and can offer you a variety of options. We sell prefabricated houses in 3 classes and 5 different configurations. Learn more about them on our site under prices.


Suppose you choose the most expensive class “ENERGO” and the option of construction in the maximum configuration of “turnkey”, a house of 100 sq.m. will cost 59 500. In this case, the complete set of “turnkey” requires that the family will be able to celebrate the housewarming party immediately after completion of construction. The term of the project is 3 months.


ENERGO class house will save your money for many years. With the increase in energy tariffs, this is the best solution for buildings for permanent residence. You can be sure you will get a house that meets all modern national requirements for comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency.


If one of your most cherished desires that you have planned for the new year is your own home – call us. We know how to make your dream a reality in the same year.


*The prices in the article are shown only for advertising purposes – the calculation is made in local currency.

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