Two-story house with a basement, 166 m2, Germany

The house is made and built in the “GERMAN STANDARD”. To reduce heating/cooling costs there are VENTRA window recuperators from the German manufacturer HAUTAU. The facade finish – mineral wool 120 mm and wet facade. Inside the outer walls on the outside of the additional insulation mineral wool 50 mm. Energy-saving windows RECHAU Geneo 86. A geothermal heat pump with a horizontal collector. Heating in the house is organized by water underfloor heating on all floors. Thanks to all the energy efficiency measure the house is in energy efficiency class A+ with 9.3 kWh/ (m2 a). The basement has a separate apartment with an independent entrance. The true highlight of the house is the duct, a rectangular shaft that penetrates the house from the top floor to the basement. The chute was designed at the request of the owner of the house because small children produce so much dirty laundry. And not to carry it up the stairs and to make life easier for the customer architects ECOPAN designed such a miracle.

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Pitched roof

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A private house

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