Two-story house made of SIP panels, 255 sq.m.

Spectacular house for one family. The main idea of the house is that all living quarters are located on the first floor. The second floor is a guest and work area. The total area of the building is 255 sq.m. and 66 sq.m. terraces and a balcony. On the first floor, there is a master unit of 35 sq.m., with its own bathroom and wardrobe, a children’s bedroom of 23 sq.m., a guest bathroom of 4.8 sq.m., a kitchen with a technical room and a large living room of 44 sq.m. On the second floor, there are two guest bedrooms of 16 and 18 square meters, a bathroom with a separate shower, a hall of 22 square meters. with a workplace and a view of the living room and panoramic windows. A plus is the presence of a garage of 24 square meters. This house has one very distinctive feature. Although it has only two floors, the height of the house in the ridge is 9 meters. And the end wall, which opens into the garden, consists of 80% glazing, which visually removes the barrier between the house and the environment and makes the garden a natural extension of the living room. This is what a dream house looks like, if you have the opportunity to see it in person, you will see it for yourself

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House purpose

A private house

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