Two-storey residential building from SIP – panels, 111 sq.m

Compact two-story residential building. The restrained dynamics of the shape of the house is dictated by the different volumes of the premises. The house can be conditionally divided into three zones – the zone of sleeping and auxiliary premises, the zone of the main room and external zones (terraces and awnings). The main room (38 sq. m.) has a ceiling height of 3.8 m, it houses a full kitchen, a large dining table that divides the room into a kitchen and a recreation area, a fireplace. From this room we exit to the main terrace (22 sq.m.) overlooking the courtyard. The height of the remaining premises of the house is 2.8 m. On the ground floor there are technical rooms, a gym (12 sq.m.), a wardrobe (6 sq.m.) and a bathroom (6 sq.m.). The second floor is the bedroom area. There are two bedrooms (11 and 12 sq.m.) and a bathroom (7 sq.m.). From the hall and the master bedroom there is access to the second terrace (21 sq.m.). The house has a large number of windows of different shapes and orientations, so the house always changes its illumination depending on the movement of the sun during the day. A carport (31 sq. m.), which is located next to the entrance group, allows you to move comfortably even in bad weather. The house provides a comfortable stay in it and does not occupy most of the site (0.06 ha). Not a rectangular shape of the house, the combination of materials and colors creates a variety of images of the house, depending on the location of the viewer.

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Flat roof

House purpose

A private house

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