How often, when talking to your acquaintances who live in private homes, do you hear the phrase: “If you were building now, would you do it differently?” Let’s figure out how to create an optimal home layout and avoid further frustration from too small a walk-in closet, several enclosed and unoccupied bedrooms, and lack of access to the yard.


So, it’s a good idea to start by analyzing your family composition and making a list of the rooms you need. We are sure that if you approach this question with proper criticism and will be guided by the real need, not by your own “I want”, then you will be pleasantly surprised that it turns out that you need very little for a comfortable home.


For example, for a family of 4 people is enough:


Kitchen-living room, parents’ bedroom, 1st child’s bedroom, 2nd child’s bedroom. And the “wants” such as office, gym, guest room, you can safely reduce due to the zoning of the main rooms.


Then there is a legitimate question: one floor or two?


If the family is small, we advise opting for a one-story house, the same can be advised for people of age, as the second floor will be for them rather a burden. However, the two-story house has its advantages: with the same area is a cheaper cost per square meter due to the foundation and roof, less heat loss. So the choice is yours.


Then we move on to the nonresidential and technical premises.


The kitchen and bathrooms in the house should be comfortable, spacious, and functional. Here, the economy is just inappropriate. Bathrooms (toilets) must be at least two. For example, the guest and the main one. When the option of a 2-story house, the bathroom must be on each floor.


Technical room, which will house the boiler, heat pump, electrical switchboard, and/or other engineering systems, is also desirable to separate. Its size will depend on the engineering communications in the house. It is also advisable to provide a household room, where you can place a laundry room, provide space for an ironing board, for garden tools, etc.


We also advise you to initially decide whether you need a terrace? Breakfast on the terrace or an evening glass of red wine sounds great, but there are “buts”. Be sure to consider the placement rules when designing a terrace, so as not to deprive the other rooms of sunlight, it may be better to make a spacious and heated room with large windows around the perimeter walls as part of the house.


One important factor in designing the best panning for your home is to think ahead about furnishing all of your living spaces. This will make efficient use of your square footage.


Surprised? Did it turn out to be much smaller than you originally planned? Well, the important thing to understand here is that this is not a one-time saving, but a deliberate approach that will allow you to significantly reduce your home’s operating budget in the future.


The money saved per square meter is better spent on the technical equipment of your home, such as a system of “smart home”, which will save you more time, so necessary for your family and friends.

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