The fact that you are reading this article means that you are considering SIP panel technology as one of the options for the construction of your home. In this case, it is not surprising that you are concerned about the durability of buildings made of SIP, because in Ukraine this technology is still considered innovative. And you want to choose only the most reliable, time-tested option for the construction of your own house. In our article on the reliability of houses from SIP, we have already debunked the myth that the SIP technology has no history, as well as buildings that have stood the test of time.


Here are just a few examples of SIP houses that have stood the test of time. So, the first building built with SIP panels was one of the buildings at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The building was completed in 1937 and was dismantled in 1998 during the redevelopment of the University campus.


Several other long-lived SIPs located in Midland, Michigan, have been celebrating their birthdays since 1947. Thus, we can confidently say that SIP panel construction technology has more than half a century of history.


Let’s see, what is the secret of longevity of houses made of SIP? First of all, it is worth noting that the service life of any building is determined by several factors: the quality of materials, builder qualification, and compliance with technology.


High-quality certified materials prolong the service life of the building. ECOPAN is an official partner of the Austrian company “EGGER” and uses only OSB of this trademark in the production of SIP. “With proper design, construction and operation the service life of the construction made of OSB is unlimited” – this is the motto of EGGER. In the absence of unfavorable external influences, this material can retain its properties for many decades. And it is OSB in SIP constructions that bears the main structural load.


The second constituent of the sandwich panel is high-density polystyrene foam. In the manufacture of SIP panels Ecopan, we use two types of polystyrene foam. A client can choose for themselves the best option: the usual polystyrene foam in white or foam NEOPOR German company BASF. A panel made of BASF company NEOPOR is 15% warmer than analogs. If the customer wishes we produce the house set under the European standards of quality in Ukraine.


The third, but not the most important material, responsible for the strength and durability of the house is a bar. ECOPAN uses only glued dry, calibrated bar. Its residual moisture should not exceed 12%. It is easy to check it with the help of a wood moisture meter, which is available from every manufacturer.


No less important factor influencing the longevity of the building is the qualification of the builders and compliance with the technology.


Installation is a responsible period of construction that depends a lot on the human factor and needs to be controlled. We recommend that customers pay attention to the size of the gaps at the joints of the building, they should be about 2-4 mm. Wood shrinks and expands depending on the weather conditions, so the gap must be within this figure. Also, the size of the gap should be the same along the entire length. The timber should be impregnated with fire-bio protection by factory dipping. All these “little things” will determine the future reliability and durability of your home.

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