For 11 years Ecopan company has been building with SIP technology – a unique technology of the 21st-century construction panels, which was developed and first used in the U.S. The basic element of sandwich panel technology is a high-quality three-layer construction made of two wooden OSB boards, between which a high-density layer of NEOPOR polystyrene foam from German company BASF is placed under pressure, so the technology achieves the highest level of durability and energy efficiency. Such reliability of construction has brought the technology extremely popular and all over the world people are increasingly choosing it for the construction of their homes. Due to the functionality and durability of SIP technology, in 2004, based on the tests made in the U.S., it was allowed to use this building technology in all seismically hazardous areas to minimize the possible catastrophic consequences of tectonic plate movements.


Buildings built with this technology are extremely durable and energy-efficient thanks to the use of Ecopan low heat loss prefabricated houses, economical energy sources, and ergonomic use of space both on-site and inside the building. The process of implementation of the house on SIP technology does not take more than 4 months and is more economical than a house made of wood, brick, or aerated concrete. And the main aspect that makes the construction of a house using this technology a unique example of construction is its environmental friendliness, which is achieved by using natural materials that do not harm the environment.



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