The development of technology today does not standstill. Every day there are more and more new systems and developments to increase the level of comfort and safety of the house built on SIP panel technology. So the system with a rather interesting name “smart house” provoked a whole revolution in construction. A few years ago the Ukrainian market of “smart houses” was in its initial stage of development, but, as we know, what was unavailable yesterday, today is becoming reality.


What is a “smart house”?


The modern system of “smart house” is a system of full automation for the creation of comfortable conditions with the help of innovative methods of electronic control in your house, starting from extinguishing the light in the room and finishing with automatic closing of front doors without a key.


Using innovative development, it is also possible to protect your home from the manifestations of an aggressive environment in the form of various cataclysms. At the heart of the system is to bring together the management of all the engineering systems of your home into a single network without involving the owner. You can control and monitor the system with mobile gadgets such as smartphones, notebooks, tablets, regardless of distance.


“Smart home” arrangement in a SIP house


Answering the questions of many customers of our company about the possibilities of implementation of the “smart house” system, it is necessary to note the SIP technology as fully complying with all the modern requirements in construction.


With the use of “smart” technology in frame construction it is now possible to construct not only energy-efficient, modern but also fully comfortable and automated houses. They consume a minimum of resources with no maintenance costs, providing support for energy saving and energy management processes within the building.


Among the main functions that allow to carry out the control of the house with the greatest effect:


Control and management of the heating, ventilation, and climate control system;

control of interior and exterior lighting of the house;

multimedia equipment control;

control of alarms and video surveillance;

automation control of opening and closing of shutters, rolling shutters, and garage doors;

control of household appliances;

control over the operation of equipment for landscaping (fountains, irrigation).



If the system was initially correctly designed, it can save the owner up to 30% of energy resources: water, electricity, gas. Besides, modern innovative equipment makes it possible to reduce a load of all electrical appliances in the house, while there is a significant increase in their service life.


For example, in the wintertime to save on electricity will help option “smart home”, which automatically switches housing to minimal heating mode when there are no members of the family. And by the return of the owners, the temperature in the rooms begins to rise. Using this model, it is possible to set the schedule of heating or give such command directly from the office with your cell phone or tablet. In summer you can save money on air conditioning, and in the rest of the year – on lighting and electricity consumption by household appliances.


One of the most useful functions of a modern smart home system is to maintain an individual microclimate in your home. It can change according to the chosen scenario. The function is not limited to temperature control, the system can also monitor the humidity, freshness, and even its aroma. Especially for avid music lovers, there is a special function – Multi-Room, which will allow you to listen to music in any room without installing an audio system in each of them. If necessary, the system can read your mail or connect you to the intercom and even watch movies.


The possibilities for home automation are almost endless. The smart home is already an affordable “luxury” that will make your SIP house cozy and comfortable. Only it is worth it to trust the professionals who will be able to qualitatively implement all your ideas and wishes! 

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