It’s no secret that commercial real estate is many times more expensive than residential real estate. In such a situation, the question of saving space and its rational use becomes particularly important.


One of the most effective options for solving this problem is the use of SIP-panel construction technology. Due to the small thickness of the structure, this technology allows you to get more internal space. In this case, such a building will always be warm thanks to the excellent energy efficiency characteristics.


To find out how the use of SIP can increase the cost of the facility, Sweett Group, an international asset management consultant, developed a detailed research program.


The first phase of this program analyzed a database of 4,860 buildings. This database of properties was a representative sample of a segment of the UK commercial building market and took into account the design, cost, location, and a range of other physical and financial characteristics of the properties.


Differences in structural thickness and cost were taken into account in analyzing the results.


The results showed that SIP panel buildings received a significant, up to 10-12%, increase in interior space for the same exterior dimensions, and therefore had a positive return on investment in their cost. To verify these results, Sweett Group conducted further evaluation work on nine real-world commercial properties of different sizes and uses across the UK. The results confirmed the initial findings, as each of these buildings showed a positive return on investment.


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