SIP panel house, 91 m2

Residential house for two or three people.
Comprising of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an entrance area, a technical room, and a living room with a large attic window, which makes it a unique space as the lighting changes with the movement of the sun.
Total area of the interior spaces of the house – 90.7 sqm. Bedrooms are 15.6 sqm each. Symmetrical planning allows for easy mirroring of the house if needed.
On the facade, we combine different materials and colors – stone, bright wood, and plaster. Adding a sloping broken roof that can accommodate solar panels creates a distinctive image of a suburban house.
A large terrace is designed along the longitudinal part of the house, which can serve as the main entrance to the house during the summer. It connects the living room with the surrounding environment, allowing the house to blend harmoniously into the landscape.

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Pitched roof

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A private house

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