SIP panel house, 139 m2

A private house with a basement and an attic floor. The total area is 138.6 m2 (without the basement area). It is intended for the residence of a married couple, to which children often come with their families. On the first floor, there is a large 17m2 master bedroom and a 7.8m2 bathroom with a bath and shower. A separate technical room of 7.3 m2 is provided, partly under the stairs. The kitchen, dining room, living room form a common space for receiving guests. A fireplace and large panoramic windows add coziness. On the attic floor there are two mirrored bedrooms of 15.3 m2 and a shared bathroom unit of 5.3 m2. The second light makes it possible to reduce the living area, but visually adds more height, air and light to the house. A large open terrace is provided on the sunny side. And in front of the entrance to the house there is a canopy, which at the same time covers a separate entrance to the basement.

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Pitched roof

House purpose

A private house

House area


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