SIP panel house, 116 m2

One-story house of 116 m2. It has three bedrooms (11.4, 12.0 and 14.4 m2) and two bathrooms of 5.5 m2. The house contains all the necessary areas for a comfortable stay. Through the vestibule (3.7 m2) we can get to the tech. room (4.6 m2) and a corridor (4.3 m2) leading to a spacious kitchen-living room (40.1 m2). The kitchen-living room has a convenient zoning, which includes a kitchen area, a storage area, a dining area and a sitting area by the fireplace. A large number of windows makes the house bright and cozy inside and aesthetically attractive and modern outside. Adjacent to the house is a spacious covered terrace (23.3 m2), which will definitely become a favorite place of the family, especially in the warm season.

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Pitched roof

House purpose

A private house

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