The ability to quickly build houses and outbuildings, the reliability and quality of which will meet generally accepted construction standards, is highly valued in today’s market. Until recently, it was believed that a private house could be built quickly only to the detriment of its quality. The longevity of such construction is not guaranteed, and its performance properties are very mediocre.


Advantages of Ecopan quick-erect houses

Such buildings are characterized by the highest environmental friendliness, excellent aesthetics, strength and reliability, energy efficiency, and longevity. Quick-erect houses, the price of which is practically available to everyone in the company Ecopan, are modern and comfortable dwelling for any family.


The availability of raw materials, their relative cheapness, and fully automatic production lines in our factory have allowed us to minimize the prices of our products. Our prefabricated modular houses are characterized by:


Minimum time for erecting the box, laying communications, and finishing;

the cheapness of the foundation;

no shrinkage;

fire safety (SIP-panels practically do not burn);

comfort in any season (heat in winter and cool in summer);

monolithic structure, resistance to any external factors;

excellent ergonomics and aesthetics.


This technology allows you to build compact modest country-houses and luxurious country cottages, and the speed of construction will be almost the same (mainly depends on the complexity of the project). Our quickly erected houses can be built in earthquake-prone places, they can withstand even nine-point underground shocks.


For the erection of our houses, practically no concrete is required, which allows you to carry out construction work even in winter – the strength of the building will not suffer from this. You do not need additional insulation of walls – SIP-panels are an excellent heat and sound insulating material.


Company Ecopan is ready to make your dream of your own house come true today. Our specialists guarantee the performance of all necessary works in the shortest terms, and in a couple of months, you will be able to celebrate your long-awaited housewarming!

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