In the last article we talked to you about the history of the main features of the popular architecture and design Scandinavian style, and also analyzed what makes it so beloved by many. Everything flows, everything changes and even this fashion trend has innovations. We have already told you that the main emotional component of the Scandinavian style is the concept of hygge. The Danish term for coziness, well-being, and a sense of satisfaction.


This philosophy has not only gained worldwide popularity but also received its development. Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “enough”. This concept implies living with less, meaningful shopping and decorating.


The newest Scandinavian style trend is umage (pronounced “oo-may”), which in Danish means “to put in a little more effort.”


At first glance, the new concept isn’t all that appealing. At the time hygge implied relaxation and coziness, lagom – an elegant home free of clutter, umage reminds us of effort. Nevertheless, sometimes it is still worth making a little more effort to get the best result.


We are very close to this notion, as we do a little more every day, in our work. We think a little bit more when working on the house plan, when choosing materials, during production and assembly of prefabricated houses and as a reward, we always see smiles on the faces of our clients when the object is handed over. For example, the percentage of repeat sales in ECOPAN for family members is 30%. We think this is the result of ECOPAN.


If your house is already built – it does not mean that you cannot give it umage features


With little effort, you can make it even more beautiful and cozy.


Here are some tips on how to achieve this:


Prepare several sets of textiles for your home. Different fabrics for different seasons – cushion covers, capes, curtains, etc. They are easy to store when not in use. Changing textiles in the fall and spring will instantly freshen up your home without having to spend too much money.

Make a list of any small jobs that need to be done in each of the rooms of your home that you never “get around to.” And then set aside one day a month to get one or two jobs done from that list.

A win-win option to freshen up the atmosphere in your home is to add greenery. All plants, even the unpretentious ones, need care, but it’s worth it.

You don’t always have to buy new things to change the interior. Rearrangement of furniture can completely change the appearance of the room.

Pretty things on the walls can also bring newness to an already familiar interior. Create a collection of family photos and children’s drawings – this will give your home personality.

As you can see, being an umage is not difficult. In this case, you get a lot more bonuses than you invest effort into. Pareto’s law in action.

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