Company ECOPAN joined the IQ Energy Program – financing of energy efficiency in the housing sector of Ukraine.


IQ energy is a program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to introduce energy-efficient technologies in the housing sector of Ukraine following European standards.


Energy efficiency today – is not a tribute to fashion, and practicality, and smart investment in the future.


To receive a grant (cost compensation) under the program IQ energy is necessary:


1. Obtain a certificate of conformity for the purchased products (SIP panels, facade insulation, energy-efficient windows, etc.) from the company ECOPAN.


Credit in a bank and make the purchase of the selected equipment/materials for the embodiment of energy-efficient solutions for your home.


3. Register for a grant at the IQ energy program website.


Important: To receive a grant under the IQ energy program, you must register on the website within four months of receiving the loan.


Fill in the application form on the IQ energy program website, using the detailed instructions, which will be sent by e-mail after completion of step 3.


The application is filled out online and supplemented with scans of documents (invoices and photos of the facility).


Important: The loan must be valid at the time of application.


5.After grant approval in the system, receive payment through the branch of the bank that gave you a loan under the IQ energy program.


Grants are paid monthly. The currency of the grant payment in euros, according to the official rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of issue of the loan.


The maximum amount of compensation is 3000 euros. The grant payment is made to the client’s current bank account.


Our staff will help you choose the best scheme of cooperation to maximize the benefits of the program IQ energy

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