Since SIP panels have gained popularity in the market of construction materials, individuals and representatives of enterprises are increasingly deciding to build buildings and structures using them. This is not surprising, since the projects of houses from SIP panels are much cheaper than the construction of the same buildings made of brick or foam concrete. As for the timing, and they are much faster to erect. The main advantage of such a house is its excellent thermal insulation characteristics.


SIP panel construction

Before ordering a project of a house of SIP panels, it is worth getting acquainted with the technology itself. The panel – it is two plates of compressed woodchips, between which is placed a thick layer of polystyrene foam. As a result, we get a great combination: durability from polystyrene foam and insulation from wood. The technology was developed in Canada, which is why the term “Canadian house” is often used.


Projects of houses made of SIP panels

All existing projects of houses with wall SIP panels can be divided into several categories:

-small size buildings

-residential houses

-commercial buildings



Small buildings are country houses, garages, and bathhouses. For these structures SIP panels can be called the most ideal material, as they are not afraid of moisture, can operate over a wide temperature range, and have excellent noise insulation properties.


If you, having reviewed the ready projects of houses from SIP panels haven’t decided yet what to choose, know this: in company ECOPAN the projects of SIP houses of any complexity will be executed! Our experts will consult you in all areas of interest relating to the topic: houses of SIP panels – projects – prices. Making an individual order for the design of a house of SIP panels, you get it (the project) for free! If during the development of the project your plans have changed slightly, our architects, designers, designers will promptly make changes taking into account your wishes.


With us, you can implement the most daring and unexpected solutions. If you do not have any special requirements, you can use ready-made projects of houses assembled from SIP panels.

Our company designs houses of SIP panels with a garage, you can see the photos of embodied solutions on our website. We offer our services both in Kyiv and in any region of Ukraine.


It should be noted that a frame house does not necessarily have to be small, the projects of residential properties created according to this technology can reach more than 200 m2 in area. As for the number of floors, the most popular all over the world are homes made of SIP panels with two floors and a garage. The price of such a project is quite comparable to the cost of a single garage, built the traditional way. So, the cottage of SIP panels can rightly be called an excellent investment.

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