Production is the soul of any business because it is the place where the product is born, all the boldest ideas of the team, and expectations of customers materialize.

Production and construction company ECOPAN began with production. One of the main activities of the company, even at the formative stage of business, was the production of gluing equipment for the manufacturing and processing of SIP panels. “We made all the equipment ourselves, tested it on ourselves, and offered it to potential customers. To build only from their materials, the quality of which you are 100% sure – is our credo,” recalls the founder of Ecopan Alexander Shchutsky.


Production workshops ECOPAN is the pride of the company because they are equipped with the most modern equipment. “We strive to minimize the impact of human error on the quality of products. In the manufacture of SIP panels, the degree of automation is the maximum, the workers only put the material, and the amount of glue, the speed of the cart, the press pressure, etc. is set once, and the workers do not influence these processes. Thus, we guarantee compliance with the technology in the manufacture of SIP panels,” says Alexander Shchutsky.


Last November the company ECOPAN underwent the certification procedure and received the quality certificate ISO 9001:2015. This certifies that the quality management system in production complies with the European standard and demonstrates a high level of reliability of the company. The auditors primarily evaluated internal procedures. Their conclusion was revealing – 80% of the company’s internal procedures met European requirements. Almost all ECOPAN products, except for standard panels, are individual elements. The range of products for one building can reach 800 items. Naturally, mistakes are possible. Our task is to identify them and replace them before they are shipped to the site to reduce construction time and avoid downtime. The goal of ECOPAN’s ISO implementation is, among other things, to create procedures for identifying defects before the shipment of products.


Currently, the production capacity of ECOPAN at a constant load makes it possible to produce up to 25 house sets per month. At the same time production is constantly upgraded to meet the requirements and regulations of the European standard. The product line is expanding, attracting new customers. House kits are available in three classes and five different configurations: “Standard”, “Energy” and “German Standard”. German Standard” class is specifically designed for export to European countries. The fact that EU countries have their own, different from Ukrainian, requirements for materials used to manufacture SIP panels. To meet these standards in the manufacture of SIP panels for the class “German Standard” Ecopan uses styrofoam NEOPOR German company BASF. The panel of NEOPOR BASF 20% warmer than analogs. If desired, any of our clients can order a house set of this class for themselves and become the owner of the house built according to European standards of quality in Ukraine.


Today we can be proud that as a domestic brand we successfully compete with foreign manufacturers.

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