Since the beginning of 2017, the company “ECOPAN” actively works in the German market. Currently, the company has signed several contracts with German customers for the construction of private houses and public buildings, such as the training center for young firefighters. Two houses have already been built and finishing work is currently underway. Just yesterday the first house from ECOPAN was completed in Austria.


“Entering the European market was preceded by a preparatory stage, in which our team did a tremendous amount of work to study the market, its characteristics, and standards, an adaptation of assembly technology. As a result of our integrated approach to design and construction, we achieved excellent results in terms of energy efficiency, reaching Class A+ with 9 KW per square meter per year.


In November 2017, we obtained the international ISO 9001:2015 certificate, as well as an application for the CE certificate (Conformité Européenne) – this was the final stage of the preparatory period”, comments the founder of ECOPAN, Alexander Evgenievich Schutsky.


The European construction market sets high requirements for the quality of construction materials, staff skills, and the final product – the construction object. Also, the European requirements for energy efficiency of buildings are much higher than those adopted in Ukraine. The main tool for regulating energy efficiency issues in EU countries are regulations, directives, standards. The efficiency of energy use in the European Union is commonly designated by classes – from A to G. Class A is the most energy-efficient, G is the most energy-wasteful. Manufacturers are obliged to label their products for which requirements are set with the energy efficiency label.


At the moment ECOPAN is the only Ukrainian company supplying the German market with houses of its production. “We have studied the demand and supply in our segment and are not going to stop there. In 2018 we plan to increase the volume of orders in the European Union by at least two times”, – Alexander Evgenievich shares his plans for the next year.


For reference: The Production and construction company “ECOPAN” was established in 2008. The main activity of the company: the production of SIP-panels, using them in house construction. And also, the construction of houses of frame type. The company operates throughout Ukraine, official representative offices “ECOPAN” are opened in Kharkiv, Odesa, and Dnepropetrovsk.

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