The mentality of the majority of our compatriots is such that they almost always prefer comfortable apartments to their own homes. It is believed that a high-quality building is one that is built long and thoroughly using traditional materials, i.e., wood, bricks, and various blocks.


The modern development of the construction industry crosses out all stereotypes, in practice making them obsolete long ago. Fast construction technologies guarantee the best performance of new buildings.


Construction and operation of prefabricated houses in Ukraine in any weather conditions

Prefabricated houses are built on a truly revolutionary technology that allows you to carry out construction work even in extreme weather conditions. Now nothing can stop construction, even frost and snow, piercing autumn winds, and heavy rains.


The best foreign experience – at the service of our compatriots

All this was repeatedly confirmed in practice. Scandinavian countries, Alaska, and northern Canada – these are places where construction is carried out only by the panel-frame technology. There generally prohibited the use of bricks, which simply cannot withstand severe frosts and cracking. SIP-panels, for example, can easily withstand operating in conditions of temperature fluctuations from +60 to -60 degrees.


Prefabricated houses in Kyiv, as well as in any other region of our country – and a great find for colder seasons. Due to the stability of thermal indicators provided by the used thermal insulation materials, the costs for heating of such buildings are 6 times lower than of traditional variants. And this indicator is stable, regardless of what heating system is used.


Prefabricated house – the right choice in our reality

If you have decided to buy a prefab house, you will know that if the heating system is switched off, the temperature will be quite comfortable for a few days, because the daily decrease in temperature does not exceed a 2-degree limit. The brick cottage is completely cooled in just one day. Without heating in winter, it is not worth leaving it at all, since the walls are rapidly destroyed by sub-zero temperatures.


Building technology of prefabricated houses allows for a level of heat savings that brick counterparts could not even dream of. To achieve it in the brick room would require two-meter-thick walls, which is fraught with a tangible loss of usable space. Thin walls of prefabricated structures are an opportunity to get additional 10 square meters of space for every 100 square meters.


Environmental advantages of prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses, built by Canadian technology, are also characterized by excellent environmental characteristics. First of all, it is worth knowing that the building materials used are characterized by high permeability to electromagnetic waves, which are radiated by household appliances. This significantly reduces their negative impact on people. This improves the well-being and performance and therefore increases the duration of active life.


In houses made of brick or concrete, the aggressiveness of electromagnetic waves increases even more and exposes people to a variety of diseases.


The cost of erecting prefabricated houses

Any potential builder, of course, wonders how much a prefabricated house cost. It must be noted that the prices of prefabricated houses in Ukraine can be very diverse because their construction is engaged in many companies. Often, they, based on the demand for them, substantially inflate the prices.


It must be said that Ecopan is one of the few constructions and production companies that manufacture and sell prefabricated houses, their construction, at a reasonable price. The firm does not apply any supercharges, and that is why its offers are prefabricated houses at a real price.


Fast construction of prefabricated houses

Prefabricated home construction has serious advantages over our traditional methods of constructing residential buildings. It meets all regulatory requirements.


The use of combinations of different materials allows getting more opportunities both in exterior and interior finishing. It should be noted its full adaptation to the conditions of all climatic zones.


The whole system of fast construction is aimed at getting complete prefabricated houses at a price that is affordable to most of our fellow citizens. At the moment there are various options for obtaining prefabricated houses, in the construction of which it is possible to combine different types of structures.


Panel houses. The basis of such a prefabricated house is a frame structure and a special sheathing. Its design is completed by the manufacturers and includes the necessary materials. After the completion of installation work, interior and exterior finishing is performed, and window and door units are installed.

Panel Houses. Prefabricated panel houses consist of load-bearing frame structures, the security, and strength of which is provided by reinforcing sheathing. It takes 2-3 days for their erection by specialists.

Frame houses. In the construction of prefabricated frame houses, the frame is constructed on the construction site. This is followed by manual sheathing, which ensures the additional quality of the object.

Houses made of SIP panels. Buy a prefabricated house of sandwich panels, glued in terms of production capacity of enterprises, means buying a structure with insulation already performed and the surface, which passed the factory for the subsequent preparation of finishing. Hence a guaranteed reduction in construction costs, not only in time but also in money. The panels used are multifunctional and quite large in size. They can be used both for walls and for floors and roofs. The optimal period of construction of such a house is from one and a half to three months.

Prefabricated modular houses are buildings, the maximum readiness of which is ensured in the factories of manufacture. They arrive at the construction site with finishing and insulation, and there remains only to perform installation work.

The construction technology under consideration is extremely widely used. This is not only traditional residential buildings but also prefabricated cottages, the construction of which is carried out quickly and efficiently. In this case, the financial cost is almost no more than the cost of building a house using other technologies, but it guarantees a lot of advantages.


What else do the future owners of prefabricated houses need to know?

Certainly, everyone has already realized that in Kyiv you can buy prefabricated houses that are erected quickly and distinguished by reliability and durability. Consumers know about the high thermal insulation characteristics of prefabricated houses sold by Ecopan.


Many of our compatriots have already stopped their eyes on prefabricated panel houses and prefabricated summer houses. They have also taken advantage of the company’s service in developing projects that, thanks to the use of computer technology and high professionalism of its employees, are distinguished by their individuality and uniqueness.


For people who are still in search, here are some other positive characteristics that ensure the high quality and efficiency of prefabricated houses.


Fresh Breath of Warm Homes


Technological features of Canadian prefabricated houses are the walls and roof, which have high air permeability. They, like diffusion membranes, allow oxygen molecules to pass through while keeping out water molecules.


What does it do? The fact that there is no dust or drafts in such houses and optimal levels of oxygen and moisture in the air is ensured. Prefabricated panel houses – it is constantly clean and fresh air, which is important for residents who have problems with the respiratory system, as well as for those with allergies.


Full friendliness and complete safety of the walls


Prefabricated panel houses are built of SIP-panels, which are products made of wood, bound with synthetic resins and paraffin emulsions. In such a house, people do not feel any harmful effects of volatile synthetic compounds, which after a month cannot detect even special devices.


In traditional for our areas of the house made of bricks in the human exposure and natural radioactive components, and oxides of heavy metals and their salts. If you carry out a laboratory study of such a brick, then you get a list of almost all the elements in the periodic system of Mendeleev.


All this, as they say, is not noticed until the time when health problems begin. New advanced technologies and innovative building materials used in the house-building industry ensure that all these harmful and detrimental effects are absent.


Having decided to buy a prefabricated house, our compatriots will have a comfortable and cozy living, investments in which will quickly affect their health and desire to live and to create.


Durable and earthquake-proof new buildings


Until recently our compatriots somehow did not care about earthquakes, but today their echoes reach our regions. The time has come to take care of the seismic resistance of the buildings erected. Prefabricated panel houses made of such modern material as SIP-panels, according to specialists, can withstand not only sudden and strong gusts of wind but also earthquakes with strength up to 9 points. The service life of this type of house is over 70 years.


The panels of prefabricated houses are treated with special solutions, providing effective protection against rodents and insects. The walls are not exposed to the processes of rotting and have high fire resistance.


Construction – long term, demolition – fast

Prefabricated cottages and other buildings can be easily redesigned. It is not difficult to reconstruct them either. They can also be easily moved to other sites, demolished, and disposed of. In this case, the environment does not feel any irreparable harm.


When descendants want to rebuild an existing house decade from now, they won’t have any difficulty. They will be able to save energy and financial costs while getting a completely new building that meets the needs of their generations.

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