A passive house from ECOPAN, in its basic configuration, is an energy-efficient construction in which each element works to ensure an optimal indoor climate and preserve heat. When creating the construction, we use materials with the highest thermal insulation coefficient. The specialists of the Ecopan architectural studio, taking into account directly the needs of the client, at the design stage use special architectural techniques to preserve heat in the building. They carefully study the peculiarities of the landscape and opportunities to use alternative energy resources – solar, wind, and thermal.


If you build a passive house with us, you get a high-quality product of European level, in terms of materials, floor plan, and project completion time. You are guaranteed to get, after expert appraisal, a passport for a house with an energy consumption class of A. The energy passport confirms the energy quality of the house, which gives you an advantage in evaluating its value on the housing market and consequently the value of your home.


By building a passive house with Ecopan technology you will pay much less for utilities as all expenses for utilities will automatically decrease by 40% to 50%. Your home, built with our technology, will please you with its comfort and warmth and will bring you an undeniable benefit while maintaining your income each year.


The basic configuration of a passive house Ecopan:


Roof construction and load-bearing walls: OSB 15 (oriented chipboard)

Roof: 230 mm thick SIP, with additional insulation Neopor (50 mm).

Roofing: Decorative ceramic tiles.

Double glazing: energy-saving double glazing with argon i -coating, which allows you to reflect the long-wave thermal radiation, respectively, the heat does not leave the room.

Check the prices for the basic equipment at: +38(044) 221-1-221; +38(067) 656-08-18; +38(050) 382-45-92


“Ecopan” is the leading company in the construction of houses with high energy efficiency. Build with “Ecopan” – economically, quickly, profitable!

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