To Ecopan partners

It is no secret that the unstable situation in the country prevents the promotion of investment projects and stretches the return on investment for many years. Do you want to make money on your property and for you, it is important to have a certain amount of investment not only to get the return of that money as quickly as possible but also to make money? Ecopan will analyze your project and site and help you find the most interesting and correct solution to make it possible in 4 months. We will tell you how to make your project more profitable based on our experience and the right approach to budgeting, analyzing the relevance, and following the trends in this area.

We don’t create a business plan: our team analyzes your idea, site, and wishes and suggests the most profitable solution to help you make a good investment and attract potential clients to your property;
Through constant monitoring of the market and following new trends in the construction industry, we will help you achieve the most attractive result within any budget;
With Ecopan you will get your money back not in a year, two or ten, but in 3-4 months from the start of construction;

We will help you to implement four interrelated stages of home completion: the erection of the outer shell, carrying out utilities, interior decoration, and furnishing. By combining four main processes we, as a building company, offer the most harmonious way to avoid various potential construction discrepancies connected with the work of different teams at one site, we optimize the overall process and select the materials for the exterior and interior at once to match your budget as much as possible;

In this way, we reduce the time for both you and us to guess at the individual details, because we can put into the project exactly the things that should best meet your expectations, both in terms of budget and design;

Even if the project suggested by us after analysis and consideration of your interests suits you in the form in which it is offered on the paper, we still adapt it to the sizes and peculiarities of your site and carry out the geology of the ground to adapt the foundations;

And only then according to set prices and estimates, which we agree with you, we sign a contract and realize your project;
In four months after agreeing on all the details and signing the contract you will be able to return and increase your investment;
ECOPAN is ISO 9001: 20015 certified, which confirms the quality and guarantees the perfect process, implementation, and operation of the building.