One-story house made of SIP panels, 216 sq.m.

A chic, stylish one-story house, the dream of a modern family. Its total area is 215.6 m2 + a porch of 7.7 m2 and a terrace of 56 m2. The advantage of this house is the well-thought-out zoning and combination of various functions under one roof.
At the entrance, there is a technical room (13.2 m2), which can be accessed directly from the street, and a closed wardrobe (3.8 m2). A separate steam area with a washing complex (6.7m2), a steam room (5m2) and a recreation room (18m2). There is an exit to the terrace, where you can warm up in the tub or go down to the outdoor pool. This part of the terrace is separated from the main one by stairs, in practice this solution is very convenient. The house has a guest bedroom (17.5m2) and an office (17.5m2). This layout allows you to get 2 children’s rooms in the future without additions. Two bathrooms with a bath (4.6 m2) and a shower (3.6 m2) are located nearby. The decoration of this project is the central area, the kitchen-living room (73.9 m2), where the family will spend time together, prepare food, and welcome guests. In this part of the building, the ceiling height is higher than four meters and large panoramic windows fill the space with air. There is an exit to the terrace, where you can spend warm evenings, gather around a large table, cook a barbecue, and relax. A separate area for the owners with a bedroom (20.1 m2), own wardrobe (6.1 m2) and a large bathroom (9.8 m2).
From the outside, the house will always look stylish due to the combination of wood, stone and plaster on the facade. During the day, it captivates with its simple, geometric, strict forms, and in the evening, the right lighting creates a fabulous atmosphere of comfort.

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Flat roof

House purpose

A private house

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