One-storey house made of SIP panels, 140 sq.m.

An ideal option for a family with young children or for elderly people who find it difficult enough to cope with climbing to the upper floors is a one-story house. Such buildings are characterized by simplicity of construction, lower costs of materials, work and short construction time. And we have a variant of just such a house with a total area of 140 m2, which will comfortably accommodate a large family. The house includes an entrance group of 3.9 m2, a technical room of 3.7 m2, two children’s rooms of 12 m2, two bedrooms of 19 m2 / 15 m2 and three bathrooms, which provides special comfort for a large family. A spacious kitchen-living room with a fireplace and a seating area with a total area of 48 m2 deserves special attention, there is a special atmosphere and inspiration to spend time with the whole family more often. Panoramic windows with a view of a covered terrace of 30 m2, where you can hide from both the summer heat and the autumn rain, place furniture for relaxation, organize a dance floor or just spend time with a cup of tea, sitting in a comfortable armchair, give a special comfort.

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House purpose

A private house

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