Ecopan is a full-cycle production facility, each process, and quality of which is carefully controlled by our team and for which we take full responsibility. The most important thing at every stage of production for us is quality, and that word alone describes our company in the best way possible. In November 2017, Ecopan underwent a certification procedure and received the ISO 9001 quality certificate, confirming that the quality management system in production meets the European standard and demonstrating the high level of reliability of the company. Today we can be proud that being a domestic brand, we successfully compete with foreign manufacturers.

Advantages of building a house of SIP panels
It’s faster than studying at university for one semester;
Cheaper than bricks, concrete, and buying a house in The Sims;
More durable than the Great Wall of China (well, almost).
Stronger than Captain America’s shield of vibranium;
More environmentally friendly than a Tesla supercar;
And more energy-efficient than homes made of traditional materials, thanks to unique Canadian technology that keeps heat indoors during the winter, reducing heating costs.



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