The combination of different building materials in the construction of a single object – a kind of architectural trend of our time, which has a significant history. After all, this technology, using wood and stone, was used to build half-timbered houses, in which the wooden frame was filled with stones, or the Alpine chalets, which were originally a home for shepherds.

ECOPAN has considerable experience with projects using combined house-building technology. “The emergence of this area of work in the company ECOPAN is due to the demand for such projects from our customers. In this regard, we have developed technological conditions for the design and implementation of houses ECOPAN using a combination of technologies. In our opinion the optimal combination – the first floor – gas concrete, all the above + the roof – SIP” – comments on this direction the General Director of the company Olga Romanenko. The fact that the aerocrete has less weight, which allows you to save more money on the foundation. The important point is that with the same durability gas concrete has significantly better insulation than bricks. And here is the second floor – it is uniquely SIP panels. It is an ideal building material that can be combined with absolutely any other material. Often

SIP panels are used for any changes in the configuration of buildings, superstructures, extensions, alterations, etc. because construction with SIP panels does not require deep foundation pits disturbing existing buildings, use of heavy machinery, and is very fast.

The combined technology of construction of houses has its design features. Judge for yourself, the first floor, built of gas-block, is ideal for bathrooms, laundry room, boiler room, mini-pool, as well as kitchen, dining room living room. The second floor, built of SIP, is characterized by an environment of comfort and warmth, so it is optimal to plan bedrooms, children’s rooms, offices.

Such a combination of materials allows the best qualities of all materials used. SIP – very strong, durable, and reliable material, but it takes a long time to warm up and requires both internal and often external finishing works. SIP – an environmentally friendly material with excellent insulation. The combination of these materials can minimize costs, providing maximum energy savings and high speed of construction. This type of project is designed specifically for customers who are ready for the new and modern but insist to keep a share of conservatism. We live in an era of rapid change, but we believe that the supporters of traditionalism should be respected.

There are two approaches to decorating the facade of combined homes: a single style – in this case, the whole house is decorated in the same style, the difference between the floors is completely removed, which can be used as decorative plaster, siding, curtain wall, clinker brick or tile. The second approach is to focus on the combination of materials, in which case, the exterior of your home will have its own, unique zest.

“Over the past 2 years, the company Ecopan implemented several projects built using a combined technology: aerocrete + SIP. We assume that there are many more people who would like to build such a house.

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