The other day Ecopan completed a very interesting B2B project – an office space in an existing facility with a lounge area on the second floor. The client’s main requirement was to invest in a tight schedule. The work was completed in a record time of exactly 15 days. “A separate challenge was the unloading of the panels. There was no possibility to physically bring them to the place of installation, so the panels were loaded with a manipulator through the window into the room. The project was designed to calculate the load on the existing ceilings. A strapping beam was used for even distribution of loads in the room” – commented Anton Bandura, B2B Project Manager at the Ecopan Sales Department. The office space occupies the entire second floor of the third block of the building. On the first floor of the office, there are 7 workplaces with a total area of 133.13 m2. The second floor with a total area – 150m2, a recreation area with fences – railings.


The front of the work carried out:

Measurements and design calculations

house set fabrication and installation

Installation and transportation by crane into the premises

“Ecopan is a market leader in the sphere of energy-efficient house construction. Own production line, due to which every day we produce for your panels of high-quality materials. Own architectural studio develops projects on your order. And a professional team of builders produces a house of your dreams in a short time.


Build with “Ecopan” – economically, quickly, profitable!

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