Modular houses represent a new modern vision of how functional and comfortable housing can be today. The company Ecopan represents the future technology already today, we offer unique projects of modular houses, created by our architectural studio.


Modular buildings – features

Mobile modular house – this is modern housing, which is characterized by the highest comfort, environmental friendliness, and durability. Modular houses (Kyiv) are affordable prices and great design from renowned architects. You can buy a modular house here today, after which the professional team of fitters will deliver and install it (quickly and accurately).


Modular houses (Ukraine) from the company Ecopan allow you to enjoy life to the full today, without delaying anything for later! Our residential modular houses are distinguished by excellent technical and economic characteristics, including:


-Great style and innovative design;

-Economy of maintenance and exploitation;

-Eco-friendliness of the materials used;

-Comfort and coziness at any time of year;

-Prompt production, delivery, and assembly;

-Compactness and mobility.

Modular house (Kyiv) is represented by different variants to suit every taste, ranging from single-module buildings and finishing with houses of ten modules.


Modular house (Ukraine) – why it is profitable

Modular houses (the price depends on the area and the number of modules) are completely environmentally friendly structures, safe for human health. Modular house construction meets the most stringent requirements of modern production, the materials used in it do not pose a threat to the environment.


Modular house for everyone who is indifferent to the original design and wants to get the most effective and functional building. Ergonomics is of the highest level; modular frame houses allow the owner to use all the achievements of civilization and the conveniences of housing without problems.


Modular house, the price of which is more than affordable, belongs to the class of quickly erected buildings, which allows you to get a ready-made structure as quickly as possible. Today, buy a modular house in Ukraine means getting energy-efficient housing, which allows you to save on utility bills and pay off very quickly.


Modular houses (prices in the company Ecopan competitive) have a basis in the form of a metal frame, which can be installed on almost any type of terrain. The modular house uses SIP-panels as the main building material, which provides excellent noise and heat insulation.


Modular houses in Ukraine from Ecopan have all the necessary communications and can have a variety of finishing options on request. Construction of modular houses – this is your chance to get affordable and affordable housing of the highest quality now. We are waiting for your call!

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