Today, the Canadian technology with the use of insulating SIP panels is becoming more and more widespread. They consist of two OSB boards, between which there is a polystyrene foam serving as a thermal insulator.


The most important advantage of frame houses made of SIP panels compared to other buildings erected by conventional methods is the absence of any shrinkage. This means that their internal finishing can begin immediately after construction. For example, brick houses require time to shrink, it can take up to one year or even more. During this time to carry out finishing should not.


Preparatory work

Proceeding to the interior decoration of Canadian houses, it should be taken into account that the surfaces of the walls, floor, ceiling, as a rule, get perfectly even. Consequently, they do not need to level them independently with plaster. As a result, the time costs for interior decoration of such houses are significantly reduced.


The only thing that should be done before proceeding directly to the finishing work is to seal the joints, for which a paint grid is used. Then the joints are sanded and, finally, polishing is applied. However, in bathrooms, resorted to a slightly different option. Joints are covered with sealant, for example, hermobutyl. Since this mastic does not harden completely, it remains elastic, and cracks do not appear. Floor panels are masticated completely, as well as the bottom of the wall – about 150-200 mm. This ensures safety in the case of leaking appliances and plumbing fixtures.


In general, finishing work for houses made of SIP panels depends on the wishes and requirements of the owners. There are many options, consider the main ones.


Wall finishing

Painting the walls and finishing with wallpaper

The easiest way is to paint the walls. It is enough to choose a paint suitable in color and texture, and the interior of the bedroom or living room will play in a new way.

Another common option – finishing with wallpaper. Thanks to their wide choice, it is not difficult to find the right ones that will meet all your tastes and preferences.


Interior finishing with drywall

Plasterboard as the main material for interior finishing is chosen especially often, which is due to many advantages of this material:


-easy and quick installation;

-affordable prices;

-various design solutions.


Besides, drywall can be used in any room, including those where we constantly have to deal with water, namely the bathroom and kitchen – here to help is special moisture-resistant drywall.


Interior decoration with decorative stone

In more complex and costly ways is the interior decoration with decorative stone. This option allows you to experiment freely. The appearance of rooms for which the use of decorative stone, leads to the delight of even the most discerning customers because it can distinguish it from the natural stone by force only a true professional.


Floor finish

The material used in the finishing of the floor can be very different:





-floor carpeting.


By the way, if you decide to lay the floor covering on the second floor, it is not superfluous to use soundproofing material, for example, a cork carpet pad. It should be put in addition to improve soundproofing.


Ceiling finish

Usually, the same plasterboard is used for finishing the ceiling, or just putty and paint it.


Interior finishing of Canadian houses made of SIP panels is not difficult and does not require the use of exclusive special means, as well as a significant amount of time.

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