It would seem, what do Ukrainians have in common with the Scandinavians? Yes, yes, we know the history and about the princes of Kyiv and their roots, too.


But have you ever wondered why the cozy Scandinavian style for several years in a row keeps its popularity in architecture and interior design not only in our country but all over the world?


Let’s look into it. To begin with, let’s define what is the Scandinavian style. Scandinavian called the design of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway.


The history and the geographical location of these countries explain the commonality of their life priorities. For Scandinavians, the welfare symbol is not an expensive car, clothes, or permanent travel, but a comfortable and cozy house. Scandinavian designers have made considerable progress in creating simple, but full of warmth and comfort interiors.




The Scandinavian interior style appeared in the 80s of the 19th century. The concept can be formulated as follows: more beautiful things for every day.


In 1930 an exhibition took place in Stockholm, which demonstrated to the world the achievements of Scandinavian design. After the exhibition, the term “Scandinavian design” appears in the specialized literature, and the Scandinavian style begins its victorious march around the world. The Scandinavian dream of a warm and cozy home was in harmony with the wishes of millions of people, wherever they lived.


Perhaps this is the whole secret of the popularity of this style. This is a kind of a corner of tranquility and peace in our troubled world. The best way to describe this atmosphere is to use the Danish word hygge.




Hygge means “the comfort of a home”, one of those rare words, which has no analogs in other foreign languages. This word describes the range of emotions and feelings one experiences when meeting with loved ones, good company, or, for example, from the touch of a warm plaid or a delicious dinner. The concept itself came from the Norwegian language and is rooted in Danish culture. According to the World Happiness Index, Denmark has some of the happiest people on the planet, not least of which is Hygge.




The concept of hygge can be called an emotional component of the Scandinavian style concept. The hygge concept home is an abundance of natural materials and light. The most popular color scheme – it is a natural gray, blue, and beige tones, it is functional and well thought out in detail household. This light, freshness, and a feeling of lightness. The Scandinavian interior is home-like friendly and hospitable, elegant and democratic.


To add a piece of hygge in the house, the Danes advise you to decorate it with candles, decorate it with different textures of textiles, photos of your family, dim the main lights, bake a cake and invite friends into the house.


In our opinion, the secret of the popularity of the Scandinavian style is that whatever we strive for, we will come to ourselves in any case.

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