Many of our compatriots are concerned about solving the problem of their housing. Most dream of building a house inexpensively, but also want to have it as quickly as possible. Every potential builder wants to have a home that is comfortable, warm, and comfortable.


That is the wave and the question arises about how to build a house cheaply because not everyone can afford the erection of luxury constructions of expensive materials. The answer to this question cannot be complete without knowing what to build an inexpensive house, that is, what building materials and technologies to choose.


Modern market and construction companies offer a wide range of projects of low-cost houses, which are built using a variety of technologies with different materials. Each of them has positive qualities, but each also has disadvantages that harm the performance of new buildings.


To build a house cheaply can be from foam concrete

When the future builder chooses to build a masonry house, then the advice can be straightforward – you need to build an inexpensive house of cellular concrete, which are foam concrete or gas silicate.


Using this material – let’s build a house inexpensively, but it is necessary with the help of specialists to clearly define the nuances of future construction, such as the thickness of the walls. This question requires careful consideration since it depends on the future efficiency of houses for a living.


The thickness of the walls allows to provide the optimal temperature regime in the houses at a reasonable expense of energy carriers. An important point is also a rational layout of new buildings, which eliminates the need for a large number of load-bearing walls, but promises a rational distribution of loads inside the premises. In this case, less will be needed, and the foundation, which, as we know, requires the lion’s share of capital investment. And if so, the savings will be tangible.


For small spans, the slabs may well be made of wood, not of reinforced concrete. The ends of the wooden beams, which will go deep into the walls, should be treated properly to ensure thorough protection from the possible effects of moisture.


Foam concrete tolerates pressure differences extremely poorly and therefore will need to ensure that it is evenly distributed. A wooden slab is much lighter than its concrete counterpart.


How to build a house cheaper? From timber.

The use of timber in the construction of a residential house is the answer to the question of how to build a house quickly and cheaply. This advice is based on the fact that such buildings have very important advantages, in particular, the fact that:


Houses are very warm because of the use of exterior insulation;

Ventilated facades protect bearing walls from sunlight, moisture, and temperature extremes. Simply ideal conditions of timber walls guarantee their trouble-free service to man for a long time;

The wooden houses erected on such technology, are characterized by excellent ecology: their walls breathe, regulating a microclimate in dwellings.

The ventilated facade technology used in stone and wooden houses have stood the test of time and are therefore highly reliable. The well-ventilated ventilation gap between the insulating material, which is covered from the outside with a wind protection membrane, and the outer cladding is a well-thought-out construction of such facades. This ensures high thermal performance and long service life.


Construction of cheap houses with frame technology – a great option to save money

What to build a cheap house from – of course, from construction materials that are used in frame construction. This is the best option because it allows you to build buildings quickly and economically. Houses of this type can be frame-shielded, panelboard, and frame houses.


Features of the construction of frame houses


Depending on the insulation used and the types of assembly used, frame technology can be Finnish and Canadian. The basis of any frame construction is a frame of wood, in which the insulation is embedded. Most often it is fire-resistant mineral wool. Houses are covered with cladding, siding, imitation bar, etc. A lightweight structure of high strength is an excellent object that can be a platform for a variety of ideas designers to design a home.


Construction of the walls of frame houses is preceded by determining the purpose of the future building: it will be a permanent residence or a temporary, i.e., a country house. The structure consists of vertical struts and horizontal strapping. The building itself may be collected by blocks of prefabricated boards-walls or sheathing with sheet material previously built on the foundation of the bulk skeleton building.


The decision to build an inexpensive house frame-shield method provides an excellent opportunity for solid savings on building materials and construction work. Also, these houses have solid advantages, which consist in the strength of design, the shortest possible time of their construction, the low cost of necessary materials. Dried lumber is used for the production of the wall panels and trusses, and therefore possible shrinkage structures are eliminated.


The optimal foundation for a frame house

Solving the problem of how to build a house cheaply and quickly, it is necessary to remember the importance of choosing the foundation for it, which will cost affordable but will ensure the reliability of the entire structure. The developer should already have a hundred percent confidence in its reliability and durability when laying the first stone of his future home.


For frame houses it is possible to use one of the suggested foundation variants:


Ribbon foundations are the best option in places where dense soils and lands that do not freeze deeply. They are used for single-story buildings, characterized by uniform shrinkage and high reliability. The disadvantage is labor-intensiveness and high material costs.

The pillar foundations are made of brick, concrete, or wood. They guarantee high strength at a relatively low cost.

Pile foundations are used where the soil has a layer of peat or silt. Metal screw piles withstand even two-story frame houses. This is the most economical of the options available.

Monolithic slabs are expensive foundation options. They also serve as a slab of the first floors of houses. True, there is a possibility that they over time can give the whole house a slope. This issue must be addressed at the design stage and the study of soils on the construction site.

Due to the low weight of frame houses, the choice and construction of the foundation can be a significant saving not only in material costs but also in time and effort. These advantages make it possible to build a house cheaply.


Is it necessary to insulate a frame house?

The comfort of living in any house implies the presence of warmth and comfort in it, and therefore the question of insulation is not idle. This is the most important moment of the construction. Thermal insulation of the walls of frame houses prevents the penetration of cold in winter and protection against heat in summer. Insulation technology is based on laying insulation between the frame studs.


For insulation, the following types of insulation materials can be used:


Mineral wool, which is the most common material. It can be purchased in the form of rolls or plates. It has excellent heat and sound insulation. Characterized by toxicity and poor moisture perception, which requires its use with additional waterproofing.

Styrofoam is a cheap and lightweight material that does not absorb moisture, it does not require additional waterproofing membranes. The combustibility of foam plastic is its disadvantage, as well as poor noise insulation.

Ecowool is a natural material made of shredded newsprint, which is impregnated with salts of boric acid. It installs quickly and is characterized by non-toxicity.

Polyurethane foam. This liquid component is applied to the surfaces of the walls by sprayers, after which it foams and hardens, providing excellent thermal insulation. Non-toxic, non-combustible. The cost is higher than other materials.

If insulation is carried out with mineral wool, you should take the plate materials for frame houses. They are laid in layers overlapping, which prevents the penetration of the cold. The market can choose any materials for insulation, both budget options and those that cost a lot of money.


Necessity or fad – vapor barrier walls?

To build a cheap house – does not mean that you should save on construction processes, in particular on the vapor barrier of the walls of frame houses. If it is not done, water vapor can get inside the insulation, leading to damage and loss of insulating properties. The result will be that and investment in insulation will be ineffective, because there will not be the desired heat in the premises.


Vapor barrier membranes have a multi-layer porous structure. This allows air to circulate through ventilation, windows, doors, and walls. Moisture settles on the rough side of the membrane evaporates, thus preventing fungus and mold inside the walls of frame houses. The smooth side of the membrane should be laid to the insulation.


Gluing a vapor barrier membrane is carried out with scotch tape. At the same time, there should not be any folds and tears. If this requirement is violated, the insulation will last a maximum of 2-3 seasons.


Components of building cheap houses

What to build the cheapest house from? The final result and the amount of investment depends directly on both the place of construction and the market opportunities of each particular area. It can by no means be a technology, which is resorted to by individual companies.


They simply save money by reducing the cross-section of supporting structures, as well as reducing the quality of the materials used. Such a house will be cheap, but short-lived and cold. And already in five to ten years will have to again carry out expensive repairs to achieve the desired result.


Customers would like to advise the following: particularly carefully select a company that will build your home. Real professionals will never overestimate prices, and save on materials and construction operations. They will always help the client to achieve that his house will be erected at affordable prices in exact accordance with the norms and standards.

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