Living by the water is an incomparable pleasure and even luxury, but what would you say about the house on the water? In the Ukrainian reality, you will not see houses on the water very often. However, it is a fashionable trend, which came to us from Europe and during last several years it rapidly gains popularity among Ukrainians. And if initially the house on the water was seen only as a holiday home for a temporary stay in the warm season, now the interest of our customers is shifted in favor of houses designed for year-round residence.


Let’s see, who originally came up with such a crazy idea to live on the water? What are the pros and cons of such a life? What are the peculiarities of building a house on the water?


The first wave of popularity of housing on the water came in the postwar years. In Europe, when there was a shortage of quality accommodation, people started to convert moored barges and ships in the cities into apartments and houses. So, the concept of “houseboat” appeared.


At that time, a houseboat was a cheap dwelling without many amenities. As a rule, a houseboat had two rooms, a tiny kitchen, a toilet, and a shower. Today, it has become fashionable to have a houseboat. For example, such houses, located in the center of Amsterdam, cost on average about 500 thousand euros, plus you have to invest in repairs and pay water tax and mooring.


Today, technology is advancing and there is no need to retrofit anything to live on the water. Such homes are assembled on a special floating platform, which allows them to be moved across the water without much difficulty. The main technological feature of the house on the water is the stiffness of the building and the engineering of the house. SIP panel construction technology is ideal for this task. First – it is fast. SIP house on a pontoon is assembled in a few weeks. Secondly, Canadian houses are lightweight houses, which means that you can significantly save on expensive and bulky platforms when building a house. Third, SIP houses are energy efficient. This is especially important when constructing a building that is planned to use throughout the year because in winter the water freezes much faster than the ground.


Also, such houses are unusual and attract attention by themselves, so they are optimal to use as hotels, restaurants, art objects.


ECOPAN has already implemented several similar projects in the suburbs of Kyiv, so you can be confident in our awareness and professionalism in this matter. Together with our architects, you can create the unique project of your most comfortable home in the world.

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