Technology does not stand still and every year there are new materials that can facilitate and improve the construction process. One of the most popular in the market today are SIP panels, which in world practice have been used for quite a long time.


SIP panel consists of two moisture-resistant plates, between which is a layer of polystyrene foam. SIP panel, as shown by numerous tests and trials, is not afraid of fire. Also, SIP panels, the price of which is more than affordable in Ukraine, are characterized by high strength, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly characteristics.


Any SIP panel made with the right technology has a critically low proportion of chemical additives.


Any SIP panel made using the correct technology is made of modern chemical components. This ensures that during operation there are no harmful compounds and vapors to human health. Production of SIP panels – practically waste-free and profitable economically. SIP panel (Kyiv) is actively used today both in industrial and residential construction, as well as in the construction of educational and medical institutions.


SIP panels to buy and use for the erection of his private home is becoming increasingly popular with many families, it is SIP panels in Ukraine were gradually “supersede” traditional materials (wood and stone).


SIP panels (Ukraine) – the advantages and benefits of the material:


Excellent heat protection (houses made of SIP panels are much warmer than buildings made of brick, aerated concrete, or wood. This is especially evident in cold winters).

Excellent cost performance (houses made of SIP panels allow you to save on heating at times!).

The designs of SIP-panels on a third more usable area, SIP panel (price corresponds to quality) allow for the same dimensions of the house outside to get more space inside.

SIP panel (price Kyiv = availability) will guarantee you minimal costs for the construction of the house and foundation. Buy SIP panels in Ukraine means the most rapid pace of construction – SIP panels in Kyiv of our production can erect a warm box home after a couple of weeks.

House of SIP panels (price will pleasantly surprise you) practically do not shrink, you can buy a SIP panel Kyiv, kick out a box and almost immediately proceed to finish or even begin to live in it.

SIP panel Kyiv has a low weight – SIP panel to buy and build a house out of them can be at the simplest screw foundation, which is mounted in a day.

Buy SIP panels (Kyiv) means to guarantee the ease of assembling your home, these SIP panels (the cost of one of the lowest in the market) do not require the use of special equipment.

SIP panel to buy and build a house out of them can be throughout the year (even preferably in winter).

Buying for the construction of SIP panels in Kyiv, you do not “ugly” landscape, buy SIP panels in Ukraine means to get a cozy house, in which comfortably and in winter and summer.

Today buy SIP panels for the building means making a profitable investment in their future. Such material as a SIP panel (the price is available to anyone) is characterized by many positive qualities. SIP panels – this is first of all:


Where to buy SIP panels Ukraine

It is quite profitable and reasonable to buy a SIP panel today. The cost of SIP panels is less than competitive materials, but the efficiency is much higher. Today many people offer to buy SIP panels in Ukraine, but in Ecopan you will get the best conditions. Here you will find your ideal SIP panel, the price, and quality of which correspond to the European level!


Projects of houses from SIP panels

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