There are eternal topics of discussion: what is the chicken or the egg, who is cooler as a skier or a snowboarder, and where to live better, in an apartment, a townhouse, or a private home. Each of these theories has its adherents, so the debate on this topic is endless.


We are not experts in poultry and winter sports, but as a company that builds homes, we strongly favor the home!


If you are still undecided about your position and are torn between the desire to spend more time outdoors and the desire to live close to the city, want to have your plot of land and developed infrastructure close to home, then you are probably thinking, “And maybe buy a townhouse?”


The advantages of a townhouse over an apartment are obvious: it’s usually more square footage for the price of a city apartment, a plot of land, albeit small, fresh air, and a small courtyard. However, you should be prepared for the following moments:


Poor noise isolation. Examining the townhouse, we advise you to conduct an experiment and use your phone to check the hearing. If the sound of your phone will be heard from the neighbors’ rooms, then think about whether you’re ready to hear everything the neighbors will talk about, and, accordingly, they will be aware of all your family business, well, actually go back to the apartment “comfort” and “privacy”.


Land. First of all, you often do not get land ownership. This issue should be clarified before buying, as well as the issue of registration because registration is often a real problem. Secondly, the size of the plot is usually very small (1-2 acres maximum). Dream of privacy here is not necessary, you will always have to face your neighbors, though through the fence.


Communications. Their quality will seriously affect the comfort, especially in winter. If they do not have enough capacity, there will be problems. Also, you will have to pay for general communications.


Price. This is probably the key parameter, as the price of 1 square meter of a townhouse, on average 10-20% lower than a comparable apartment class, but the cost of interior finishing to the full new house in townhouses up to 30% higher than in the apartment for several reasons: the degree of readiness – in most cases the walls are masonry any blocked material, requiring additional heat and sound insulation, alignment. As a result, the cost of investment in the completed interior of the townhouse exceeds the cost of the apartment.


But what should you do if you have an unbearable desire for a private house? You don’t have to give up on your dreams. Modern technology allows us to offer you an energy-efficient house with a full plot of land in a turnkey configuration at the price of a townhouse “under finishing” in the suburbs of Kyiv.


Constructing with the company Ecopan you get:


Warranty period – 15 years – when ordering a house for decoration.


Individual House Design – our creative architectural studio will develop a project of any complexity and to any taste.


The cost without hidden fees – we offer an honest price for any project you like, with no “unforeseen” budget increases in the process of construction and finishing.


Benefits in the operation of our homes – our homes have the highest energy efficiency ratings. During the design phase of your home, we will calculate for you the potential cost of operating your home.


Don’t believe us? LEAVE OUR APPLICATION and get the design of your ideal home at a price that will surprise you. By working with us you will experience first-hand that construction is an enjoyable part of your life.

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