In the past few years, houses made of sip panels are in great demand. They are popular among people with different income levels, living in different climatic zones. Demand for turnkey houses of SIP-panels is growing in our country, they are actively built both in Kyiv and in other cities of Ukraine.


Such houses are also called frame houses, they are quite simple to produce and assemble. Their popularity is also due to the fact that such a house can be built relatively inexpensively. Our company will provide you with a fully prepared project of a country house, summer cottage or luxurious house which can be easily implemented by an experienced contractor.


Key advantages of houses from sip panels

A well-known saying “what does it cost us to build a house: let’s draw – we will live” due to sip technology was transformed from a joke into a description of the process of creating a frame house. House of sip panels is erected very quickly, starting construction in early summer, with proper diligence and preparation, by the fall you can already celebrate a housewarming.

But before you order and buy a house of sip panels, you need to learn its strengths.


Among the key advantages are:


high heat capacity – houses assembled on this technology, perfectly retain heat inside. As a result, a single-story house made of ecological sip panels will be much warmer than a house built of brick. At different times of the year, it is easy enough to maintain in such a building the optimum temperature regime, in addition to comfort you get a decent saving on both heating and air conditioning

High environmental friendliness – the organizations that are engaged in the world and the region in studies related to human health and the environmental situation in general, argue that the chip panel is one of those building materials that can safely be called safe for human life and health. They were awarded the status of “green” building material, and the technology itself is recognized as the best in terms of energy saving. Scientists also note that the materials and components used in the panels meet the most stringent standards and quality requirements

High strength – the house, the design of which uses a foam panel, because of the integrity of the structure is so strong that it easily withstands strong hurricanes. The walls of the panel house are not inferior in strength, even the standard brick. Being inside such a house during bad weather, you can rest easy, without worrying about its integrity and stability, because the chip panel is a very durable material

High longevity – a house built on this technology is designed for 100 years. During this period, all materials are sure not to warp or rot. As a result, the house may become obsolete morally rather than physically, but to solve this problem there is a reconstruction.

Construction of houses from chip panels in Kyiv – work for professionals, we have the project and you will find the necessary specialists.

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