House of SIP-panels, 56 м2

This compact one-story cottage with a total area of 56 sq. m. is made in a modern style. Its simple construction makes it possible to build such a house in a short period, adding to its lightness and airiness. From the outside, the house looks small, but inside it is quite spacious. The house is adapted specifically for a small plot or a plot with dense surrounding buildings. The project provides a large terrace on the roof of the house and is closed from the street side of the high parapet. The internal layout of the house at the same time logical and rational. Despite the small area, the house has all the functional components, such as two bedrooms, kitchen, combined with the living room, bathroom, and technical room. The project is designed for the comfortable stay of a young family who, due to their active lifestyle, do not need more spacious housing and prefer to live in a stylish and beautiful house.

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Flat roof

House purpose

A private house

House area


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