House made of SIP panels 53 sq.m.

The house is lined with wood both on the facade and on the roof with the possibility of discharging water through hidden gutters. Windows combine the ability of a panoramic view, a convenient sliding system and a source of light in the house. A feature of the ergonomics inside was the presence of a second tier in the house – this made it possible to use the space as rationally as possible, but at the same time “hide” the bedroom from the outside view. Thus, on an area of 53 sq.m. It was possible to conveniently arrange: a bedroom, a kitchen from the living room, a spacious bathroom, a mini wardrobe and a spacious technical room where you can store the necessary equipment for active recreation. The terrace around the house can be adapted to any slope and even partially stand in the water of the lake. The house is perfect for a married couple or a family with a child. At the same time, there will be a place for guests!

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House purpose

A private house

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