The hotel building has 4 floors. The main two floors are a hotel with an entrance group from the side of the road for 18 rooms. The lower two floors are a restaurant for 60 guests with a lounge area. The restaurant has two large halls, a bar and a kitchen. A lounge area with a fireplace, a place to play billiards, poker, karaoke and a mini cinema. The highlight of the complex is a large retreat room. In addition, the building is designed taking into account the principles of inclusiveness. Near the hotel there is an administrative block for the maintenance of the complex. Parking is planned in front of the hotel.
The building is conventionally divided into 3 zones: a recreation zone, a spa zone, and a hayloft on the second floor. Living room with an atrium, large windows and a fireplace with a total area of 41 square meters. A large number of seats on sofas and at the bar near the fireplace make it a special place, even if you don’t like bath treatments. In the bathhouse (21.3 sq. m.) there is a window with a view of the river and the mountains. Next to her is a peeling and massage room. On the second floor, a hayloft (40 square meters) with a terrace.
We consider the metal mirror facade to be the coolest part of the sauna, it makes it very special.

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