Hotel from SIP-panels, 480 m2








Pitched roof

House purpose:

Commercial building

House area:


This is a project of a mini-hotel near Kyiv.

The 1st floor is conditionally divided into 3 zones:

1) Sleeping zone, night zone - 6 individual rooms,

2) The day zone - a large living room with a fireplace, a movie or game viewing area, feast time zone, and full kitchen.

3) SPA zone - 16 sq.m. sauna, recreation zone, locker room, shower, and toilet.


2 floor is divided into 2 zones for general activities:

1) a large hall - 78 sq.m.

2) a small hall - 42 sq.m.


The ceiling height in the ridge of the second floor - 5.5 m, which makes both rooms very bright and spacious, with large windows on the floor.

The roof trusses are left open in the interior.

Flat roof of the second floor - it operated terrace 320 sq.m. in which you can spend time in the warm season.