The use of extremely environmentally friendly materials, in particular Finnish laminated veneer lumber, made frame construction based on “Finnish technology” very popular in today’s construction market. Projects of Finnish houses in a wide range presented in the catalog of Ecopan company. They are mainly ordered by clients for whom the health and safety of the family, as well as a reliable roof over their heads for many decades, is important.


Finnish house project – reliable, eco-friendly, affordable

Finnish house (project) is distinguished by its excellent appearance, you will immediately recognize it by its exterior and ecological wooden interior decoration. Finnish house projects have a special design of internal and external walls.


Any Finnish house project requires special thoughtfulness and ergonomics. The planning of Finnish houses differs in the absence of a powerful monolithic foundation because the whole structure is quite insignificant.


At the same time, the planning and peculiarities of the Finnish house are such that the construction will be maximally stable and not be damaged by hurricane winds, temperature differences, and increased humidity. The projects of Finnish houses and cottages offered by Ecopan are quite affordable thanks to its production line for all the necessary structural elements.


Finnish frame house projects – assembly features

If it seems to you that it is quite simple to assemble a house from separate elements, we will not dissuade you. Finnish house (projects) – it is a “constructor” for professional installers, whose experience allows you to assemble a frame building quickly and qualitatively.


If you wish you can simply buy Finnish house projects from us, assembling your own house (a detailed instruction is enclosed). However, it will take a considerable amount of time which (we believe) is better spent on your family. We offer a full range of services, from a selection of the project and ending with the delivery of the finished house, as well as registration of all permits to save your time and money.


Of all the proposals presented in the catalog, projects of single-story finish houses are very popular among buyers. Finnish house plans with one floor can be very different, taking into account all the wishes of the most demanding customer.


The project of a Finnish one-story house can be compact or quite extensive, occupying a large area of your site. The more rooms and utility rooms you need, the roomier your Finnish family home will be.


Finnish single-story house projects are characterized by high stability of the building, high seismic resistance, and affordable prices. Finished Finnish one-floor house projects can include additional rooms at the customer’s request (sauna, swimming pool, billiard room, workshop), the final cost will be included in the estimated contract before the start of work.

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