Modern high-rise and single-story houses made of SIP panels, present in the market, can be a stumbling block for the uninitiated. The abundance of different technologies, proposals, and formulations, new materials require special knowledge when choosing a home for your family for life. In the company Ecopan, you can buy Finnish frame houses and the one-story house of SIP panels on Canadian technology.


In fact, the Finnish houses have several differences from their “North American” version that we will try to find out. The terms “Finnish houses” or “Canadian houses” do not indicate the technology used. Both the Canadian and Finnish houses require a special frame and SIP building panels.


Finnish frame houses have several differences in finish, interior, and foundation types, due to different climatic and ethnic factors.


Finnish house – choose a foundation


Two-story and one-story Finnish houses are built on two types of foundation:


Insulated Swedish Slab (ISS).

Finnish frame houses with the UBP foundation are distinguished by the small thickness of the basement (about 30 cm). The foundation itself is a “Styrofoam shell” with reinforcing ribs, in which a layer of concrete is poured. The communications and installation of underfloor heating are laid in the basement in advance. Finnish projects of houses on the UBP-foundation are not used in places where there are significant gradients or slopes of the terrain.


Finnish insulated slab (FUP).

A Finnish frame house with a FUP foundation is less critical to the type of landscape. The low-depth foundation of strip type is used with supporting footing (heel), after that, it is filled with the ground, insulated, and reinforced with a thick screed (with communications and water “warm floors”).


Finnish turnkey houses – differences in roofing and finishing


In North America is very common roofing of shingles or asphalt shingles, ondulin, and other similar materials. Construction of Finnish houses involves mainly the use of metal or seam roofing. Finnish frame houses rarely use shingles on the roof.


The construction of Finnish frame houses also imposes some restrictions on the type of exterior and interior decoration. The projects of Finnish frame houses use the facade finish of wood or its imitations, and the sheathing can be performed both horizontally and vertically.


Finnish houses (Kyiv) can also use other types of exterior decoration (stucco, siding, composite panels, facing tiles, clinker brick, etc.) on request, but in Scandinavia, such an exterior is not particularly popular.


Finnish houses (Ukraine) are characterized by the absence of traditional metal windows. In “real” Finnish houses another double-frame construction is used: the inner part consists of a wooden frame and a single-glazed window, while the outer one consists of a metal or wooden frame with one glass pane. Windows always open inward.


Ecopan – turnkey construction of Finnish houses


Finnish turnkey houses, the price of which you are more than satisfied, the company offers Ecopan in Ukraine. We will develop an individual project or offer you a house from a catalog quickly and inexpensively! Your attention is offered original projects of Finnish frame houses and cottages, the cost of which is cheaper than similar foreign sets, and energy efficiency is identical to the original!

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