Meet Pasha, Masha, Egor, and Fedor, and together they are a friendly and loving family. Except that lately, they have been quarreling and resenting each other. And why? Let’s find out. Pasha is angry at Egor and Fedor for the fact that they are constantly making noise and do not allow him to quietly finish an urgent project. Egor is upset that his parents don’t play with him much. Fedor does not like to be scolded for not washing his paws. And what about Masha? Masha is just tired of the constant cleaning, the scattered things and the painted walls in the nursery, the kitchen where she spends too much time, and the grubby Fedor. She just wants to mess around with Egor, and in the evening have a romantic candlelit dinner with Pasha on the terrace. Does this story sound familiar?


Did you know that to return joy to this loving family, sometimes it is enough just to reformat the living space? The science of ergonomics is responsible for creating a comfortable home. The knowledge of human psychology and anatomy is used in this science to create a harmonious and safe living space with carefully considered details.


In developing projects of houses ECOPAN we try to collect as much information as possible about who will live in the house, what kind of life the family leads, whether they often have visitors, whether there are pets. Everything is important here, there are no details. After all, the more inputs, the more ideas, chips, and comforts we can offer.


So, for example, to make Masha have more time for herself and her family, it is important even at the design stage to provide a convenient kitchen, in which you can easily and quickly find everything you need. For a narrow kitchen is a suitable linear layout, in which all the interior items are placed along one wall. In a large kitchen, you can use a parallel or T-shaped arrangement of furniture.


To store dishes, decks, appliances, bottles of all sizes, cleaning supplies, etc. to equip special cabinets, which will be equipped based on the largest and smallest size options for all these things. Especially convenient cabinets – pencil cases, you open, and everything is immediately visible and accessible!


Outlets in the kitchen will be arranged so that it was convenient to use certain equipment. For example, for a kettle, blender, or food processor outlets are installed over the countertop. The number of outlets in the kitchen should be as large as the number of appliances you will use. You can store things not only in the closet but also organize a dressing room under the stairs to the second floor. We are sure there will always be things in the house to fill all those drawers.


And for Pasha to concentrate and finish the project quickly, he needs to create the conditions for working not in the living room, but a special area of the bedroom. Here a comfortable chair, a table, and the right lighting will be waiting for him. By the way, it should be placed in such a way that the body does not cast a shadow on the workplace.


And for Egor not to be bored, while his parents are having dinner on the terrace, it is enough to invite a friend to the house for a pajama party. It’s a lot of fun to climb onto the big bed on the mezzanine and discuss cool ideas with him.


And one of the walls in the nursery can be specifically designed for drawing.


Think it’s just for pampering? The time will come and there will be a startup plan. And a kid’s closet will keep things better organized than yours. A clothesline where you can throw things from the second floor right into the laundry basket will only help that.


Well, of course, a private house compared to the apartment is a priori more comfortable. There is space for active life, well, for washing paws it is worth to provide a special shower at the entrance, and then the joy and good mood are guaranteed for the whole family.

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