The energy efficiency of any house is based on four pillars. Firstly, it is the building material and the technology by which it is built, secondly, the architecture and proper placement on the site, thirdly, alternative energy sources, and, of course, economical heating systems. Today we will talk about the latter.


Houses from ECOPAN is always a comprehensive solution. In complete turnkey homes from ECOPAN equipped with the most efficient and modern engineering solutions and heating systems. But even if the house is realized in other complete sets, we always consult our customers and recommend them to take into account such factors as availability and low, in comparison with others, cost of energy carrier and ability of a heating system to work autonomously in case of need while choosing a heating system.


Let’s consider a few options.


Solid fuel boilers – a 100% guarantee of heat in your home without reference to the electric grid and gas supply. Your heating system will work completely independent of the energy supply. Solid fuel boiler – it is the not only self-contained but also quite simple, convenient, and relatively inexpensive heating system. And all this on the background of high efficiency. So, if you are looking for complete autonomy and high reliability – a solid fuel boiler, definitely your choice.


Electric boilers are a great choice for those who do not want to be constantly involved in the maintenance of the boiler. Electric boilers do not require a chimney, unlike other heating boilers. In terms of temperature control, the flexibility of heating system control, electric heating has the best performance.


“The uniqueness of houses built with SIP technology is their low energy consumption. Ecopan houses are very warm and create a thermos effect, which allows the use of low-kilowatt boilers, in contrast to, for example, brick houses. For example, to heat a 150-meter house ECOPAN enough boiler 10 kW, which at full power is working only in the cold” – shares the experience of CEO of Ecopan Olga Romanenko.


Conventional electric boilers convert electricity to heat 1 to 1, ie 1 kW of electricity produces 1 kW of heat, while modern heat pumps can convert electricity to heat – a ratio of 1 to 3, and ground heat pumps – 1 to 5. These are truly impressive figures and, despite their rather high cost, an excellent investment in terms of consumption volume.


Homes from ECOPAN are not only warm but also economical, homes in which you can and should use modern heating and engineering systems.


However, we emphasize again – to achieve maximum energy savings in the operation of the heating system of the house, and other engineering systems, it is necessary to review the entire process of creating the house and take into account the remaining three cycles of energy efficiency.

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