A smart home is no longer a “fancy thing”, but a set of effective solutions to improve the functionality of your home. However, what exactly to pump in your house is up to you to decide. For someone, it is enough to have a self-regulating heating system, and someone to free his beloved husband from making his morning coffee and turn off the iron with a smartphone.


So, let’s sort out why, when, and how much will it all cost?


Before you decide to automate your home, you should answer the question, what are my tasks that this system will solve, and what do I need it for? Consider the obvious benefits of a smart home system:


Saving money and time. And a very significant one. By results of researches of customers who use systems “smart house” the economy is: from 30-35% of the gas heating cost, 40-45% of electricity cost and from 3 to 5 hours per week of personal time which was earlier spent for office and/or home care. Agree it is much more pleasant to spend this time with your family and friends, well, I am sure it will not be difficult for you to think about where to spend the saved money.


Safety takes an important place in the functionality of the “smart house”. The system works in two directions: providing trouble-free operation of engineering systems of the house and the second – security functions.

The system will protect the house from burglary, control the correct operation of the gas and water supply, keep under control the position of windows and doors, and inform you of all emergencies, both in the house and in the protected area.


Additional bonuses include various lighting and heating scenarios; control of equipment based on current time parameters, temperature, lighting, additional control, and safety if there are small children in the house.




The sooner the better. As with all engineering tasks, you need to start with a special project during the design phase of the home’s engineering systems. Describe all your desires, think through all the details, even those that you do not plan to implement soon. It is better to provide for everything and even more than to regret the lost opportunity. Of course, some functionality you can add later, but it will be much more expensive and will often require a new repair. If the originally used equipment and/or wires, do not provide a connection to the “control brains”, then you cannot add.


How much does it cost?


Above we talked about the wide possibilities of a “smart home” system, so it is obvious that the cost of your version of such a system will depend on some factors: functionality, the area involved, the complexity of work, and the selected equipment. Specialists from ECOPAN will help you choose the most suitable solution to make your house smart from ECOPAN.


What can I say, a friendly house is good, but a smart house is even better!

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