Every city dweller dreams of living in the countryside. Naturally, acquiring fresh air, green meadow, and dense forest as neighbors, we dream of leaving all the amenities that a city mansion or a comfortable apartment can offer us.


The plan of a country house is easy enough to make in your head, but just as difficult to reflect on paper. Want to make everything beautiful and functional, but, as practice shows, without the appropriate education does not do. As an architect or designer can not become one day, it is necessary to seek help from professionals. For you quickly enough to form a project of a country house, which will take into account all your wishes.


Full set of documents for a country house project

All projects of country houses presented on our web-site represent something more than a beautifully drawn picture. According to the existing normative documents in Ukraine, there are several stages of design:


-feasibility calculation

-feasibility study

-conceptual design


-working draft


Estimate on carrying out civil and erection works.

We suggest you choose the project of a country house, which you like best in terms of interior and exterior design, and then order the formation of all the necessary documents for its construction.


All the above-mentioned documentation is needed not only for the builders to do their work correctly but also for the subsequent registration of the house in the relevant authorities. It is also worth remembering that in the case of bringing communications to the house, you will need to make a project for each of them.


A project of a country house with their own hands

There is an opinion that you can find anything on the Internet, including the project of a single-story country house. With the help of search engines, you will find a huge number of sites filled with beautiful pictures but without any documentation. We, in turn, are ready not only to surprise you with beautiful graphics on the image of a house but also to conduct full-scale planning of a country house, according to the results of which we will provide you with all the necessary documents. You do not need to explain to the contractor on your fingers, what house you need, he will find everything in the provided project documentation.


Our projects of single-story country houses will be not just the first step in a staircase that leads you to your goal, but a real foundation on which you will build your comfortable life out of town.

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