Everyone sooner or later begins to think about buying their own home. If you have decided for yourself that an apartment in a stuffy and noisy metropolis is not your ideal, the company Ecopan is ready to offer its variant of an ideal family country house. Many people are discouraged by the construction of their homes because it is too costly and labor-intensive. We assure you this is no longer the case!


Due to the appearance of new technologies and materials, today the construction and delivery of our buildings occur within a few weeks, and the cost of such buildings does not exceed the price of an apartment in some districts of your city. Applying to the services of our specialists, you will get your dream house, which will have everything you need for a comfortable stay, even for a large family. Garage, sauna, swimming pool, outbuildings and much more will fit even on a small plot of land.


Projects of country cottages made of SIP-panels

The cottage project from the company Ecopan gathered all the modern achievements in the field of energy-efficient and aesthetic construction. Our houses use a Canadian frame technology, which involves the use of innovative building material – SIP-panels.


The draft cottage from the company Ecopan collected all the latest developments in energy-efficient and aesthetic construction. Our houses use a frame Canadian technology, which involves the use of innovative building material – SIP-panels.


Present in the catalog of standard projects allows you to see your future home today. Each drawing is equipped with detailed specifications, plans, and the appearance of the future house. We deal with all the required construction documents, approvals and will help you legitimize the house after construction in the relevant authorities.


A huge range

Our team of creative architects will develop any project for even the most demanding and demanding customers. A great variety of cottages, different floor plans, and several stories, as well as additional outbuildings, ensure that any demand can be met.


The most popular cottage projects are two-story houses with attics and an attached garage and basement. If the client wishes, we can change the layout of any project in our catalog, adding a sauna, a bath, or a swimming pool to the project. The projects we offer can become for your family both the final variant of house building and one of the stages in creating the whole complex of constructions in which several generations, as well as guests and friends of your family, can live at once.

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