Cottage made of SIP panels, 100 m2








Flat roof

House purpose:

A private house

House area:


This functional one-story cottage with a total area of 99,77 sq. m. is flat-roofed and designed for a family of 2-4 persons.

The shape of the house emphasizes the clear division into zones. The daypart is a spacious, well-lit living room, connected with a spacious kitchen. The dining room is located near the large, double glass doors leading to the side terrace. There is a fireplace in the center, which warms this part of the house perfectly, and a single chimney is a sensible and economical solution.

The night area is two rooms and a comfortable bathroom with a window. The spacious bedroom overlooking the garden has access to the terrace. In front of it, there is room for a large walk-in closet. The simple design of the house allows you to make almost any changes in the layout.